Greenville Summer Camp

Greenville Summer Camps

Sprattronics Learning Lab is a co-learning space. We help families to maximize their child’s education through unique science and engineering experiences. Our students are excited to create cool things!

We design all camps for ages 4 - 12. Each camp has two time options.

 Morning (9AM-12) Afternoon (1PM-4PM). 

Campers are welcome to bring snacks with them.
Budding Botanist :: June 5 - 9
Become a botanist and explore the beautiful world of plants and flowers with plant science. Dig your hands into a worm farm. Create paper infused with seeds. Explore the biology of plants, how they grow and how they are sustained in different environments such as deserts, rainforests, and on farms. Investigate carnivorous plants and take home your own Venus Flytrap.
Planting a GardenEnroll - $140
Catastrophic Events :: June 12 - 16
When disaster strikes, will you be prepared? Explore what causes catastrophic events such as Tornadoes, Earthquakes, Hurricanes, and Volcanoes. Learners will create models of the disasters. Then, we will create structures to withstand catastrophic events.
TornadoEnroll - $140
Mini Medical School ::  June 19 - 23
Calling future healthcare professionals. Get hands on with the systems of the body by diagnosing and treating serious illnesses. Try your hand at suturing a flesh wound, create a full size model of the digestive system, and build a pumping heart. We will end the week with a forensic dissection!
Mini Medical SchoolEnroll - $150
Animal Engineering :: June 26 - 30
How can observing the natural world help us to find solutions to human problems? We will explore bird beaks and the many ways they are utilized to find food. Would you be able to survive the icy waters of the arctic using inspiration from the animals that live there? Learners will engineer their own structures and tools inspired by animal creations.
Parrot, Beaver, and WolfEnroll - $140
LEGO World :: July 10 - 14
Have you ever wanted to live in a LEGO world? Now is your chance! Collaborate with your team and use engineering concepts to become engineers in designing and building your very own LEGO universe. You will make your own LEGO character and use your imagination to create a LEGO World. We will design and build self-propelled vehicles, introduce LEGO Robotics, and solve exciting challenges.
LEGO PeopleEnroll - $140
Speed Machines ::  July 17 - 21
Build them bigger, faster, and safer. Each day is a new form of transportation that we will push to the limit. Design and launch rockets, mousetrap cars, propeller planes, boats, and blimps.
Drag racer, planes, blimps, and rockets for summer campEnroll - $140
Poison and Potions :: July 24 - 28
This week you will conduct cool experiments that involve mixing chemicals and seeing reactions happen right in front of your eyes. We will be doing more than the average homemade volcano as you will get to decide your own projects. Slime, oobleck, elephant toothpaste, electric dough – the possibilities are endless!
elephant toothpasteEnroll - $140
Crime Scene Investigations :: July 31 - August 4
Do you have what it takes to solve the murder on Haywood Rd. We will use blood pattern analysis, fingerprints, blood types, and impression evidence to solve a murder.
crime scene evidenceEnroll - $140
Sprattronics Learning Lab
Every family chooses the best education for their child. At Sprattronics we help to maximize that education.

Your child will love learning, exploring, and solving problems.  Your child will be a part of a great community of builders and makers who love science and developing solutions to problems.
Flyer for Greenville Summer CampFree Robotics Lesson
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