Be Prepared for the Future

LEGO Robotics will help children develop important life skills, such as resilience, adaptability, and critical thinking. These skills will serve them well in school, their careers, and their personal lives.
GET STARTEDA girl age 6 builds a robot with a color sensor. Food Delivery Bot.


This program will develop your students' engineering design skills as they investigate ways of defining problems, brainstorming solutions, and testing and refining prototypes. They'll refine their problem-solving skills as they create a solution to a problem that has constraints, and improve on others’ ideas. All while honing their ability to identify failure points and success criteria when comparing, modifying, and evaluating a solution.

Your child will improve their communication skills as they engage in a range of collaborative discussions about their solutions.


Become an engineer and a coder through the Robotics program at Sprattronics Learning Lab. Our students are always excited to return and tackle new problems because we create cool things. If your child can describe it, we can empower them to build it. A self-driving vehicle, a mars rover, dancing robots, mini minions, amusement park rides, or anything else they can imagine. Children are excited to learn with us because they decide the path they follow.


Your child will begin to understand what a sequence is, be able to follow instructions to create a sequence, and describe the sequence to their peers. They'll learn how to break problems down into smaller parts, identify cause and effect, and understand simple loops. Finally, they'll explore the process of testing and debugging programs to ensure that their programs work as intended.

We teach coding through a tiered system starting with icon blocks, then word blocks, and finally the Python programming language.
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