Virtual School Options

Education is not one size fits all. Families and children all need different things in order to maximize their potential. An excellent option for families wanting more control of their child's learning is virtual school.

The quality of your teacher and school has a direct effect on the outcomes that your child will achieve. Everyone should have access to an excellent teacher, but that is not always the case. With virtual schools you have other options than just the teacher that your child is zoned for. If they are not enjoying school, class, or the time frame of 7AM to 2PM, virtual school could be a great option for you.

With virtual learning you have access to high-quality teachers working with a wide range of curriculums. Many virtual schools offer a more personalized learning path for students, that is flexible to work around your schedule. As a parent, you have school options of what curriculum your child will follow.

A challenge with virtual learning, can be the lack of collaboration and in-person social skills. Families may have to wildly adjust their schedules to allow for supervision of children at home. With virtual school, many only offer an all or nothing approach.

Preston Spratt designed Sprattronics Learning Lab to provide families more education options for their child. We work alongside virtual and in-person school to provide enrichment and hands-on learning. Students at Sprattronics Learning Lab collaborate with other children, build, and solve problems. Families have the flexibility to drop their child off anytime for up to three hours.

Virtual School Options for Greenville

Greenville County Schools - Full Virtual 

In 2021-2022 about two thousand students attended K - 8 in GCS Virtual School. The number will be about one thousand in 2022-2023.

Students will stay enrolled in their assigned school but be taught virtually. Students will receive schedules just like they do in the brick and mortar school. Most courses will be offered in the Virtual Program. If a course cannot be offered, parents will be notified prior to school starting so they can make an informed decision. Parents may request a move back to the brick and mortar school. The request will be accommodated if space is available.

Grades: K-12

Tuition: Free

Cyber Academy of South Carolina

Since 2000, Stride K12 has been a leader in K–12 online education, putting quality hands-on and online curriculum directly into the homes of the students and families. Stride K12 offers multiple programs, including tuition-free public online schools, tuition-based online private schools, and individual online courses.

Grades: K-12

Tuition: Free

South Carolina Connections Academy

Our tuition-free online public school offers students in grades K–12 a safe, engaging environment where they can learn in the way that works best for them. Not only will your child gain the knowledge and confidence they need for assessments like the SC PASS, they’ll build the social, emotional and real-world skills they need to meet tomorrow’s challenges. And, as their learning coach, you’ll be by their side, supporting them along the way.

Grades: K-12

Tuition: Free

K12 Private Academy

K12 Private Academy worked with top educators, designers, and cognitive scientists to create a unique online private school platform that drives learning through engagement. Each grade level is thoughtfully designed to promote learning, engage students, and entice their creativity and critical thought. The methodology for online learning incorporates interactive content and expansive multimedia.

Grades: K-12

Tuition: $5,000 - $7,000 / annual


Prisma is an innovative online school for 4-8th graders who want an education tailored to their interests, abilities, and goals for the future. As a comprehensive full-time virtual program, Prisma reimagines school, providing kids the flexibility to pursue their interests alongside a talented coach and a supportive community of peers. Families must register as homeschoolers.

Grades: 4-8

Tuition: $8,800 / annual


Tuition-based, online private school for grades K–12 open to students nationwide.  We help students pursue academic excellence, develop Christian character, and discover their gifts, talents, and purpose to follow God’s calling in life.

Grades K-12

Tuition: $6,400 - $7,400 / annual

VLACS - Virtual Learning Academy

The Virtual Learning Academy is education designed to be online. We are a virtual school for elementary, middle, high school, and adult learners to earn a degree, earn some credits, explore an interest, or gain valuable career credentials.

Grades K-12

Tuition: $1,000+ / annual

The Keystone School

If your family  is seeking an alternative education program, Keystone can provide a unique learning environment and flexible online courses that meet your student where they are. At Keystone, we offer full-time programs for elementary, middle, and high school students. 

Students can ignite an early love of learning that combines high-quality, accredited curriculum with online learning methodology that keeps them engaged and interested.

Grades K-12

Tuition: $2,375 - $2,800 / annual

Sora School

Sora Schools is an accredited, innovative school for grades 7-12 that lets students drive their learning and curriculum based on their interests. They explore the world around them through unique project-based Learning Expeditions like "The Science of Marvel," "Revolt! Comparing Historical Revolutions," "Banned Books," and more.

Grades 7-12

Tuition: $3,600 - $12,000 / annual

Guidepost Montessori Virtual School

Guidepost Montessori Virtual School is an online education program that provides structured, daily instruction delivered by certified Montessori guides online. With small mixed-age, virtual classrooms, Guidepost Montessori is able to personalize education. Tuition includes quarterly shipments of Montessori materials for offline, hands-on learning.

Ages: 2 - 12

Tuition: $1,200 / annual

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